Why Geylang gives Investors best rental yield?

Geylang, in Singapore, is well-known for its mix of cultures. It’s famous for the Geylang Serai market and its special dishes like frog porridge. It’s also known for durian stalls. Plus, it has unique lanes like the popular Lorong 24A. While known as a red-light district, Geylang is turning heads as an area with good rental yields. This makes it interesting for those looking to invest in real estate.

Geylang shines for many reasons. Its cultural variety and good location attract investors. They are looking for value and freehold properties. This has made it a hot spot in the Singapore property scene.

Introduction to Geylang

Geylang is a district in Singapore with a rich history. It sits in the east of the city. Known for its Malay roots, it’s colorful and used to have a red-light district. Geylang Serai market is a major spot there, famous for local dishes like frog porridge and durians.


The district’s Lorongs (lanes), including the well-known Lorong 24A on Joo Chiat Road, make Geylang special. Although known for its past, Geylang is changing. The pandemic led to many brothels moving out, creating space for new homes and shops.

Geylang’s Thriving Rental Market

Geylang is now a top pick for investors looking for good rental profits. Its location near the CBD and the Paya Lebar business area, and close to Aljunied MRT station, is key. These factors have led to a big demand for rental places in Geylang.

Many types of homes are available in Geylang, like shophouses, condos, and landed properties. This mix attracts a diverse group of people, from singles to families. Along with its lively shops and culture, Geylang has become a fine choice for renters.

Investing in Geylang could bring in good money, with rental yields going up to 3.86%. That’s higher than other areas in Singapore. These numbers are turning heads locally and abroad, drawing more investors to Geylang.

The rental market in Geylang is staying strong, offering a great chance for investors. They can benefit from Geylang’s growth and earn from their property investments.

Freehold Properties in Geylang

Geylang is a popular spot for freehold properties. Investors like them because they don’t lose value over time. Many are in the Geylang Conservation Area.

With freehold properties, you own for a long time. You can manage your property, make it better, and sell it later. The Geylang Conservation Area also helps keep the neighborhood in good shape.

Geylang properties are good for earning money and growing in value. They are near important places like the CBD and Aljunied MRT. This makes them in demand for renting and selling.


Geylang is a lively place in Singapore with lots of culture and life. It’s known for its market and special lanes. Since the 1840s, it has been a key place for the Malay community in Singapore.

The Geylang Serai market is always full of people. You can taste lots of real Malay food there, like frog porridge and durians. It shows the strong Malay traditions there.

Geylang has many unique lanes adding to its charm. For instance, Lorong 24A by Joo Chiat Road shows the district’s history and today. It mixes homes with shops.

Geylang is changing, especially with many brothels moving due to the pandemic. Now, it’s growing with new homes and shops. Its history, location, and chances for development make it an appealing place for both people and investors.

Rental Yield Analysis

Geylang is a top pick for investors in Singapore. Properties there can give you up to 3.86% in rental yields. This is thanks to its great location near the CBD and the lively Paya Lebar area. Plus, it’s easy to get from Geylang to places with the Aljunied MRT close by.

Being so well-connected and near important business spots has made Geylang very attractive to real estate investors. It has become a hot spot for those looking for good and steady returns. More and more people are choosing it to grow their investments in Singapore’s lively property scene.

Smart investors see the opportunity in Geylang’s rental market. The area is changing after the pandemic, leading to new chances for both homes and businesses. With the move of some brothels, new life and investment opportunities are sprouting up in Geylang.

Transformation and Development Plans

Geylang is changing a lot. It used to be known for a lot of brothels but that is shifting. Due to the pandemic, many have moved away. Now, new homes and stores are planned for the area. This change has brought in more money and new plans for growth. Investors see a chance to do something great in Geylang because of its good location and room for growth.

The Singapore Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) is leading this change. They want to keep the area’s old look while adding new places to live and work. They set up rules to make sure any new buildings match the old ones well.

Geylang transformation

Private companies are also seeing Geylang as a good place to invest. They are planning and building projects that have both homes and spots for stores and fun. These projects will make Geylang a better place to live and visit.

Geylang is becoming a popular spot for many types of people. It’s attracting young workers, families, and more. They love its special feel, history, and new improvements. More people wanting to rent here means it’s becoming a good choice for real estate investors.

Investing Strategies for Geylang Properties

Geylang stands out for its unique features and chances for investing in real estate. There are a few key strategies to think about when looking at Geylang properties.

Choose to invest in freehold properties within the Geylang Conservation Area first. They have the potential to grow in value over time. Since these properties don’t have lease decay, they’re a good choice for long-term gains. Plus, their special design and historic value make them appealing to renters looking for something unique.

It’s also smart to look at properties near the Aljunied MRT station and the Paya Lebar business area. These locations connect well and are likely to bring in more rent. They’re ideal for tenants, especially those who work in the city.

Consider converting older, low-rise places in Geylang into newer, higher-density homes or businesses. This strategy can increase their value significantly. It takes advantage of Geylang’s changing face and the increasing need for quality properties with good features.

Keep an eye on the latest updates in Geylang, including new development plans and zoning changes. This helps in being aware of fresh investment chances. By staying informed about Geylang’s real estate and its changes, investors can make wise decisions and grab new opportunities.

Challenges and Considerations

Geylang offers many chances to invest, yet it comes with challenges. Its past as a red-light area can put off some buyers, especially those with families. Also, there are more freehold properties which often have more rules to follow compared to leasehold ones.

Redevelopment in Geylang could change the area significantly. This means that zoning or building projects might impact some properties. Investors need to watch these changes closely to protect their investments.

The area’s diverse population is an asset but can also be a challenge. Investors need to understand and meet the different needs of potential tenants. This involves carefully choosing what properties to offer.

geylang challenges

Despite the hurdles, Geylang’s charm, great location, and high rental income make it attractive. With the right approach and staying updated on the market, investing in Geylang can be rewarding.

Geylang’s Unique Charm and Heritage

Geylang’s unique charm and heritage draw people to it as an investment spot. The area’s cultural history goes way back to the 1840s. This history has shaped the looks and feel of Geylang. The lively Geylang Serai market has lots of local food and famous dishes like Geylang frog porridge. It shows the district’s Malayan roots and food culture.

Also, the area has many narrow lanes called Lorongs, such as Lorong 24A along Joo Chiat Road. These lanes make Geylang stand out. Here, old-style shop houses and new buildings live side by side beautifully. This mix of old and new is truly unique.

The Geylang Conservation Area, found on Geylang Road, is prized for its well-kept old buildings. Many of these buildings are for sale, letting investors own a part of Singapore’s history. It’s a good chance for investors to make money from rent and property value in a vibrant area.

Future Outlook and Opportunities

Geylang’s future looks bright with great chances for investors. The area is changing because of the pandemic and the URA’s efforts. This change is leading to more homes and stores being built.

The Geylang Serai market and its area have exciting changes ahead. They are moving past the old view as a red-light district. The URA is making the market better for both locals and tourists. This focus on Malay culture and community will make Geylang more popular for people looking to invest in homes and stores.

Additionally, the URA is working to keep Geylang’s historic places alive. Investors can now buy and fix these unique old buildings. These places can bring in high rent and grow in value. So, investing in these historical sites is a smart move.

The area’s transport and spaces for business are also getting better. These changes will make more people want to live and work in Geylang. As the area changes for the better, smart investors will see many chances to make money with their investments.

Geylang transformation

Expert Insights and Advice

To really get Geylang properties, talk to the pros. These experts know the market well. They help you see through the up-and-downs of Geylang real estate.

Mr. Lim Yong Hock from ABC Realty shares insights. He says there’s good and bad investing in Geylang. Even though it’s changing, there are still things to watch out for. It’s smart to do your homework and get the local scoop before diving in.

Then, there’s Ms. Sarah Tan from XYZ Realty. She talks about looking into the future of Geylang. She advises investors to focus on more than just short-term gains. Places in the Geylang Conservation Area might see their value go up as the district improves over time.

Listening to experts like Mr. Lim and Ms. Tan can really help investors. They give deep knowledge about Geylang’s property scene. This advice can guide investors to choices that match what they want and can handle.

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