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The coolest Newsstand is in Brooklyn, NY


THE NEWSSTAND will surprise commuters with a great selection of art zines

source by alldayeveryday

Of course! It couldn’t be in a different place… ;)
Inside the Metropolitan subway station, at the intersection between G and L trains in Williamsburg (Brooklyn), the Newsstand is been utilized to sell and showcase for pretty inexpensive prices, a selection of over 100 artists books, magazines and fanzines, all from independent publishers.
This initiative was made with the collaboration between alldayeveryday and Lele Sevari of the The 8-Ball Zine fair  , and might run up to September 30, 2013.
I happen to happily run into it recently, and like me, many more commuters pass by every day, from zine enthusiasts to those looking for a snack on-the-go. This newsstand/pop up gallery or whatever you want to call it,  is a new way to give voice to all independent publishers through open submissions, book launches, artist signings and guest clerks. Isn’t it great? I just wish it was for longer and in more areas.
The Newsstand is a platform for self-expression, an inside look at what contemporary culture is making right now and rarely seen in mass media.
Some of the publishers: Desert Island books, Dashwood Books, Ed Varie, Jason Polan, HamburgerEyes, Nowork, Miniature Garden, MOSSLESS, Pau WauPublications, Peradam, Swill Children, Rumore Nero, Toilet Paper Magazine, Karma, Selected magazines by McNally Jackson, Dan Murphy Zines, Selected records by COOP-87.
If you are around NY don’t miss the opportunity to go! Check their news here.



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