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Selah Sue, amazing young singer from Belgium

Collaborations with Prince and Cee-lo Green are just the beginning for this talented singer


Selah Sue grew up in this really little town in Belgium, with none of her relatives into music… and still I’m amazed every time a listen to this young talented lady.. strongly perform in big concerts, in front of hundreds of people… and having that “thing” in her voice… that reveals a big future in front of her. This twenty‐two year old transformed her teenage anxieties into bright songs. “I had all these worries and depressions that I wrote down, it was a way of structuring my thoughts”. She found her way in soul, funk and reggae melodies, always inspired by her idols… It all started thank to an MTV Unplugged concert of Lauryn Hill…, Selah was 14 years old, and that was the first album she ever bought… then Erykah Badu, Bob Marley, Sizzla, Capleton


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 She sings in local clubs on the weekend and attends high school during the week. She records in home‐studios, at friends houses, and publishes drafts of her songs on Myspace, without any pretension. And then, like in a fairy tale thousands of fans respond to her on the net, attracting the attention of professionals, and of course the interest of Because Music, which eventually leads to a record deal for the young musician. The rest is all history… Last autumn Prince offered her a coveted support slot at his show in Antwerp, Belgium. To put it in a nutshell, in just two years, Selah Sue has fulfilled her dreams. To keep her grounded, she has insisted on keeping the songs she wrote during her teens for her debut album. It’s a way of reminding the world that she has not been unfairly spoiled by destiny and that before Prince, Cee‐Lo Green, radio play and incredible press, there was just a teenage girl, with her guitar, who was chosen spontaneously by fans on the net. For example, her first single “Raggamuffin” is one of her oldest songs and was viewed more than a million times online. “This track symbolizes me” she explains. “It shows my soulful and singing side, but also my hard side, between rap and ragga. When my manager asked me who I wanted to work with, I said Farhot straight away, as I’m a fan of Nneka. But I also wanted an intimate, dark, melodious record, with light and lively beats. Farhot is crazy about digital sounds and Patrice, who I know well, was the ideal man for the melodious part. They were my two accomplices in the studio.” Her first album is a fusion of soul, ragga, rock and  hip‐hop. The twelve tracks shift from poignant ballads like “Mommy” to wilder styles like “Crazy Vibes”… Definitely we want to see her in live this coming 09/21/2012  in the TERMINAL 5 in New York.. But Selah Sue will be on tour in many more places… Enjoy her music here  ;)


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3 responses to “Selah Sue, amazing young singer from Belgium”

  1. Amanda says:

    loving Selah’s new album- can’t wait to see her live in NYC!

  2. Brittany says:

    The coolest of cool :) just found a superb NPR feature on Selah. Loved learning more about her, considering she’s one of my new favorites. The album is great!

  3. Amanda says:

    love Selah Sue’s album and I love “Ragamuffin”. check out the video- can’t wait to see her in NYC!